Litter Robot Beige Bubble Globe Unit Side View

Why Litter Robot II?

Litter-Robot is the self-cleaning cat litter box that really works!

· Saves time!  Saves money! Reduces Odor!

· Patented litter sifting system - uses less litter

· No costly special receptacles, bags or litter trays

· Prevents dog snacking!

· Large capacity waste drawer

· Available in beige or black

· 90 Day Money Back Guarantee**

· Full 18 month manufacturer’s warranty

· Free Lip Extender Accessory!

$349.99 Free Shipping*

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Why Litter Robot II?   More details...

Save time!  Never scoop again!

Avoid one of the most annoying chores.  Picky cats love a clean litter box.  You may be scooping two or more times per day to keep your cat from ruining your carpet.  Buy Litter Robot and never scoop again!

Save money!

Litter Robot uses cat litter very efficiently.  Less waste means less trips to the pet store to buy litter.  You may be dumping all your litter to avoid scooping.  Stop throwing it away and let Litter-Robot sift!  Use cheap litter!  Any kind that clumps works!

Reduces Odor!

Litter robot includes a special breathable seal between the globe and the base.  A carbon filter neutralizes odors in the drawer.  You will love it!

Patented litter sifting system

You will find no similar litter sifting system in any other automatic or scoop-free cat litter box.  Litter-Robot’s patented sifting system really works!

No costly special receptacles or bags

Other self-cleaning litter boxes require special receptacles, bags or trays.  The costs over the life of your cat could be 2-4 times more than the cost of the Litter-Robot.  Litter-Robot has no hidden costs.  Call about our layaway plan!

Prevents dog snacking!

Multi-pet owners know about this problem - the dog eats the cat poo.  Litter-Robot keeps the litter box clean, minimizing Fido’s opportunity to retrieve a snack.  Stop this disgusting problem and buy Litter-Robot today!

Large capacity waste drawer - Freedom!

Empty the drawer according to your preference, once a day, once a week, whatever works for you.  Go away for a weekend and don’t worry about the cats avoiding the dirty litter box!

Color choice!

Available in beige, eco-gray or black.  See below for help choosing the color.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee**

Sure, every cat is different.  If your cat does not adopt Litter-Robot, you are protected by the money back guarantee.

Full 18 month manufacturer’s warranty

Litter-Robot exceeds typical consumer product design specifications, enabling a longer warranty.  Litter-Robot II replacement parts are available and the manufacturer offers out-of-warranty repairs (shipping required).

Why buy Litter Robot 2 from us?

· Paradise Robotics owns and uses Litter-Robot with our own company cat.

· We are a reseller partner of Automated Pet Care Products, the manufacturer.

· We demonstrate Litter-Robot regularly at demonstration events.

· We specialize in product knowledge and customer service.  We know our products and can answer your questions.

· Free Shipping* US 48 States

· Free Delivery by appointment, most Chicago locations (contact us)

· Order on line with our secure web ordering system or over the phone.  We take all major credit cards.

It looks like a space capsule.  Will my cat use it?

Litter-Robot’s spherical design keeps litter inside.  Most cats use Litter-Robot within one week.  Follow these easy steps for the best results:

· Take Litter-Robot out of the box when your cat is not around.

· Place Litter-Robot near the location of your old cat litter box. 

· Fill Litter-Robot with clean litter.

· Take one or two scoops of old dirty litter and put it in the Litter-Robot.  This puts your cat’s scent in the Litter-Robot.

· Let your cat sniff the Litter-Robot and become familiar.

· Stop cleaning your old litter box.  Most cats will use the Litter-Robot within one week.

· If your cat does not use Litter-Robot within a week or two of not cleaning the old litter box, try putting a little cat nip in the Litter-Robot.

· Your cat may enjoy the cat nip, but still not use the Litter-Robot right away.  Be patient.

· Never force your cat into the Litter-Robot!  This could scare kitty forever and you will be stuck scooping for the rest of his or her life!

· Give your cat 75-85 days.  If your cat still won’t use Litter-Robot, you are protected by the 90 Day Manufacturer’s Guarantee**

Make your life better!  Buy Litter Robot II Now!

Litter-Robot in black and beige ivory (white) with orange catSiamese catOrange cat

What is the difference between Litter-Robot I and II?

· Litter-Robot II has a larger waste drawer, better cat sensor and quieter operation than Litter-Robot I.  Now available, New! Bubble Globe!

· Buy from us today, we only sell Litter Robot LRII or LR2 Bubble with Odor Control!  Make no mistake, other retailers may have old stock!

If you cannot hear the narrator, turn up the volume.

Most orders ship within 24 Hours!


Is your cat very large?  No worries...

· Litter-Robot is rated for cats of 5-15 lbs, but users have reported cats up to 20 lbs use it with no problem.

· The Litter-Robot opening is 6 3/4” wide.  Cats will go through any opening their whiskers do not touch.  Fur sticks out a lot, big cats fit!

· Order the New! Bubble Globe unit for extra space inside!  Just $20.00 more; includes a Free Lip Extender accessory!

FREE Lip Extender!  By from us Now!

Which color is better: Beige, Black or Gray?

How big is Litter-Robot II?  Will it fit?

· Litter-Robot II  is 22” wide X 24” deep X 29” high. 

· Litter-Robot II Bubble is 22” wide x 27” deep x 29” high.

· Allow 18-22 inches in front to pull the drawer out.

· The height of the base is 11”.  The step is 7 1/2 “ high which is perfect for your cat and may keep very small dogs out.

· Litter-Robot II is not very heavy even with litter inside.  It can be slid at the base on any type of floor or hard surface.  Don’t push the globe when sliding Litter-Robot.  The globe is set on the base, not screwed, for easy cleaning.

· The Litter-Robot opening is 6 3/4” wide.  Usually, the cat’s head sticks out the front when using the Litter-Robot.  It’s like his own private toilet!

· Color is a matter of personal preference.  Consider the décor in the room.

· Beige tends to show a little more dirt.

· Black tends to show a little more dust.

· Gray is neutral in most decors and shows the least dust and dirt.  The recycled plastic is the same great quality as the regular plastic.

· If you need more help choosing the color, please don’t hesitate to call!

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Now available!  

Roomier Bubble Globe!

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Litter Robot Eco Gray Recycled Plastic Front View

Now available!  

Roomier Bubble Globe!

Buy Securely Online  or Call Now! (847) 960-8520

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