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**Certain Litter Robot Accessories include: Free Shipping!

U.S. 48 contiguous states only.  Check your cart for shipping cost.  Some items are eligible for a shipping credit when ordered at the same time as your Litter Robot.


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Litter Robot Power Supply

Change the filter every two months or let your nose decide! Comes with instructions.

Replacement Carbon Filters 3-Pack

The fuzzy rings around the base that help trap odors in the drawer might come off after a year or two.  Comes with installation instructions.

Replacement Base Odor Seals

Free Shipping!*

Price: $14.99

Litter Robot II Fence Accessory

Free Shipping!*

Snaps onto the Lip Extender at the opening.  Keeps more litter inside the Litter Robot.  Tickles the cat’s bottom to encourage turning around in the Litter Robot. If you do not have the Lip Extender, purchase it below.  Comes with instructions.

Price: $19.99

Litter Robot II Biodegradeable Drawer Liners/Bags

Optional drawer liners fit the Litter Robot drawer nicely.  Push bag through the five rubber grommets on the inside of the drawer.  Simple to install with a finger.  Liners are held tightly by the grommets.

50 Liners

25 Liners

Price: $19.99

Price: $29.99

In Stock

In Stock

In Stock

Litter Robot Carbon Filters

Price: $6.99, Set of 2

In Stock

Litter Robot Odor Seals Rings

Free Shipping!*

In Stock

Litter Robot II Drawer LinersLitter Robot II Fence Accessory

*We are sorry, the weight of this item prevents us from offering free shipping when ordered separately.  However, a shipping credit will be applied when ordered at the same time as your Litter Robot.  Shipping cost will be shown in your cart but not charged to your card.

100 Liners

In Stock

Price: $39.99

Litter Robot II Scratch Ramp

The Scratch Ramp sticks out in front of the Litter Robot 18 inches.  It serves three purposes: 1) It encourages scratching (whether or not your cat has claws) 2) It catches some of the litter that may be kicked out of the opening and 3) it provides the easiest entry and exit of the Litter Robot for non-jumping cats, such as those with arthritis. We are sorry, we cannot offer free shipping on this item.

Important: Non-Refundable unless unopened

Price: $39.99

In Stock

Litter Robot 2 Lip Extender

Price: $17.99

Litter Robot II Lip Extender Accessory

Free Shipping!*

All Litter Robots shipped by us include a free lip extender accessory! If you purchased your Litter Robot after 2006 and before 2009, you probably do not have one and may want to add it.  Only fits Litter Robot 2.

In Stock

Money-Saving Litter Robot II Accessories Bundle!

Buy this bundle with your Litter Robot, get a Huge Discount and get Free Shipping on Everything!   Shipping credit applied during order processing.

Litter Robot Carbon FiltersLitter Robot Odor Seals RingsLitter Robot 2 Fence AccessoryLitter Robot 2 Drawer Liners

Filters (QTY 3)

Seals (QTY 2)

Liners (QTY 25)


Price: $44.99

In Stock

Price when items purchased separately:  $61.96



You Save:  $16.97!

Litter Robot II Circuit Board

Litter Robot II Circuit Board  2006 Units and Later

If your Litter Robot starts acting funny, it might be due to a problem with the control board.  Is it stopping in the middle of the cycle?  The circuit board is the likely cause.  Only for Litter Robot 2.  Comes with instructions.

We do accept returns on this item, but it must come back to us functional.  We test all returned circuit boards.  If it works, your refund will be processed. 

Price: $39.99

Free Shipping!*


Litter Robot Power Supply

No lights?  The switch on the back of the base doesn’t do anything?  Other items plugged into the outlet work fine?  Most likely the power supply has failed. 

We do accept returns on this item, but it must come back to us functional.  We test all returned power supplies.  If it works, your refund will be processed. 

Price: $16.99

Free Shipping!*

In Stock

We are not sure when this will be back in stock. 

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