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What is the difference between Litter-Robot I and II?

· Litter-Robot II has a larger waste drawer, better cat sensor and quieter operation than Litter-Robot I.  Litter Robot II now has Odor Control!

· Buy from us, we only sell Litter Robot LRII with Odor Control!

Review Introduction - We Hate to Scoop!


We had been looking at automatic cat litter boxes for at least five years.  With two cats, and one of them extremely picky about not getting her paws dirty, we knew an automatic litter box would solve our problems.  To prevent the “picky cat” from using the carpet as a litter box, our two litter boxes had to be cleaned twice a day!  Dealing with the odor was just too much!


If you read our “About Us” page, you have learned that we are technical people.  We analyze everything (we can’t help it, it’s like a disease).  The only automatic litter boxes we knew about used a rake to scrape the clumps. 

The "picky cat"

The “Picky Cat”

By Gail Jones

Paradise Robotics cat Silver using the Litter Robot II

We smelled trouble.  It didn’t seem like these  automatic litter boxes would work very well.  After reading about others’ experiences with this type of self-cleaning litter box, such as the Litter Maid,  we found out we were right.  The rake gets clogged, needing frequent cleaning, which is smelly and disgusting.


Litter-Robot II, THE Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box


Then, we found out about the Litter-Robot II.  Immediately upon seeing the animation of how it worked, we knew it would be a good product.  Without even evaluating it, we purchased three units, one for our cat, one for demonstrations and one to sell.


Our First Litter-Robot II Customer


Three days after receiving our Litter-Robots, we demonstrated the Litter-Robot II at the Robots & Vision show in Chicago. This show is attended by robotics industry professionals.  One person saw the demonstration and looked intently at it.  It seemed he was a likely buyer.  He asked whether the drawer was large enough to hold enough waste for his frequent 3-day business trips.  He had three cats.  Well, it was very tough to answer that question, since we hadn’t gotten our cat to use the Litter-Robot 2 yet.  So I promised to get back to him.


Litter-Robot 2 Review - Where to Put it?


The two cats mentioned above had long ago passed away by this time. Our new cat is named Silver.  We put the Litter-Robot in front of the laundry tub.  It’s a pretty good place to keep it.  The old litter box was under the laundry

Silver using the Litter Robot 2 Note the orange cat sensor light



Of course, we were sweating for nothing.  Within three days of adding cat nip to the Litter-Robot, Silver climbed inside to do his business.  It was as if a light bulb went off in his head.  We jumped up and down and cheered!  Silver became the “company cat” that day.


Will Litter-Robot 2 Overflow when  3 Cats use it for 3 Days?


Now I had to get back to the interested customer.  I did the math; the customer needed to go away for three days at a time and he had three cats.  This means Silver would have to use the Litter-Robot for 9 days.  I made a note of the day he started using it and started sweating again.  On the 9th day, I pulled out the drawer and was completely amazed!  It was not even half full!  Then I took a shower. Just kidding…  :)

Paradise Robotics cat Silver exiting the Litter Robot II 
7 seven minute countdown starts

Silver exiting the Litter Robot

7 minute countdown starts

Why we think Litter-Robot 2 is the Best Self-Cleaning Cat Box Available...


So what makes the Litter-Robot II so spectacular?  No special receptacles or bags, no special litter are required.  It uses any brand of clumping cat litter.  Plus, it works by design and construction.  A good design gives forethought to all of the things that can go wrong and solves them.  A good design can be completely wasted if it is built poorly.  The Litter-Robot II not only has an amazing design, it has excellent construction.


Litter-Robot 2 Design Review - How it works...


The design is that the globe rotates 360 degrees (all the way around).  There is a heavy duty screen that separates the clumps from the litter.

Once separated, the clumps fall through the trap door into the drawer below. 

The Litter-Robot has a sensor underneath the drawer at the front.  The sensor is set off by the cat moving around in the Litter-Robot.  A seven minute countdown starts when the cat leaves the Litter-Robot, so there is no chance he will be inside when it starts rotating.


Litter-Robot 2 Construction Review - Why Litter-Robot is an Appliance...


The Litter-Robot is designed to stringent automotive design specifications.  Why? So it works better and lasts longer.  That’s how an 18 month warranty is possible.


The construction is solid.  Quality plastic components are riveted or screwed together, not snapped.  The heavy duty screen is coated with plastic, eliminating corrosion.  There is a thick flexible plastic liner at the bottom of the sphere.  The liner keeps the globe clean and odor free.  The large drawer glides smoothly for easy cleaning. 


Litter-Robot 2 Odor Review

Our first Litter Robot 2 did not have Odor Control.  Odor performance was pretty good.  Odor was not noticeable except when in close proximity.  Then we upgraded to the new Litter-Robot 2 with Odor Control.  Now when we stand next to our Litter Robot II, there is no odor!  It’s amazing!  This is accomplished with a  soft breathable ring that seals the crack between the globe and the base and by the carbon filter in the drawer that neutralizes the odor.


Litter-Robot 2 Cleaning Review


The globe contains no electronic components.  It may be lifted off the base for cleaning.  There are no screws!  Ours has been cleaned once in the 6 months we’ve owned the Litter-Robot II.  The drawer also has no electronics, for easy cleaning.  The base does not get dirty, but if it did, a simple wipe down does the trick.


Litter-Robot 2 Power Consumption Review


Litter-Robot uses very little power, which is good for the environment.    We know it uses little power because the AC adaptor is small.  High power appliances have big AC adaptors.  The power consumption is almost zero when the Litter-Robot is not running and only 6W when the Litter-Robot runs. 


Litter-Robot 2 Noise Review


What about noise?  Litter-Robot is a bit louder than the typical refrigerator.  You get so used to it going off five or more times a day, you tune it out.  As for how loud it is, only the lightest of sleepers would wake up and only if it was in the same room.


Did our First Customer Buy the Litter Robot 2?


I am sure you are wondering what happened with the customer.  Yes, he did purchase the Litter-Robot.  During a follow-up call to see how it was going, I learned all three of his cats used it and he had no problems when he went away on his 3-day trips.  Later on, he came back and purchased one for his mother as a Christmas gift!


Litter-Robot 2/Litter-Maid Comparison


During our many demonstrations of the Litter-Robot, we’ve heard from former Litter-Maid owners who told us how unhappy they were.  They have confirmed how the rake gets clogged.  We have also been told the motor quit after a short time.  One person wanted to replace his Litter-Maid’s motor and found it was impossible.  He bought a Litter-Robot from us and is now very happy.


Litter-Robot II Warranty & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!!


The Litter-Robot II comes with an 18 month warranty.  That’s very unusual for a consumer product.  The 90 Day Money Back Guarantee is your insurance policy in case your cat does not use it!


Is Litter-Robot II Worth It?


At more than double the price of the rake-based automatic cat litter boxes, is the Litter-Robot II worth it?  YES! It is worth every penny. 


Purchasing your Litter-Robot now from Paradise Robotics means you will receive FREE unlimited support.  We are available to answer your “cat questions” and to help you after your purchase if any issues arise. We are a partner with the manufacturer and can make sure they are responsive if a warranty issue is


Why wait?  Buy Litter-Robot II with Odor Control from us today!

tub, which made it easy to follow the procedure in the owners manual.  We can still use the laundry tub and only once in awhile we’ll need to slide the Litter-Robot out of the way.  Plus, it was near an outlet.  We needed a standard household extension cord to reach the outlet.




Getting our cat to use Litter-Robot 2...


A week had gone by, and even though we had not cleaned the old litter box, Silver still wouldn’t go in the Litter-Robot.  We started to sweat.   Then we tried putting cat nip inside.  He had a great time rolling around in the cat nip,  but he still wouldn’t use it.  Now we were sweating profusely.  I mean, how could we possibly sell this thing if our own cat wouldn’t use it?


Litter-Robot in black and ivory with orange catLitter-Robot Beige with Gray CatSiamese catText Box: 18 Month Warranty
Text Box: New!
Text Box: New!
Text Box: New!

Litter-Robot LRII Bubble Unit!!  Litter-Robot II with Bubble Globe has a transparent window out the rear of the globe.  This lets light in and gives your cat a little more room to move around.  Includes a Free Lip Extender accessory!  Or, get the all new Litter Robot Open Air!  It’s bigger and better!

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