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Review Introduction - We Hate to Scoop!


We had been looking at automatic cat litter boxes for at least five years.  With two cats, and one of them extremely picky about not getting her paws dirty, we knew an automatic litter box would solve our problems.  To prevent the “picky cat” from using the carpet as a litter box, our two litter boxes had to be cleaned twice a day!  Dealing with the odor was just too much!


The only automatic litter boxes we knew about used a rake to scrape the clumps.  We smelled trouble.  It didn’t seem like these  automatic litter boxes would work very well.  After reading about others’ experiences with this

The "picky cat"

The “Picky Cat”

By Kathy Moseler, “The Robot Lady”

type of self-cleaning litter box, such as the Litter Maid,  we found out we were right.  The rake gets clogged, needing frequent cleaning, which is smelly and disgusting.  We kept scooping, and our cats eventually passed away.


Litter-Robot II, THE Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box


Then, we found out about the Litter-Robot II.  Immediately upon seeing the animation of how it worked, we knew it would be a good product. 


Getting our Cat to Use the Litter Robot

Coaxing our cat Silver to use the Litter Robot 2 was a little difficult.  He seemed to not realize there was litter in it.  After he ignored it for a week, we used a little catnip to get him to play inside.  We let his old box get really dirty and a few days later he climbed in to do his business!


Now the New Litter Robot 3, Open Air!!


Our poor cat Silver passed away in 2015.  Our new cat is named Sweetie. The amazing Litter Robot 3 Open Air had just come on the market, but, we didn’t have to get one because Sweetie decided she liked the Litter Robot 2.  She took to the Litter Robot 2 right away, within a few days! 


Talk About Dependable!


We’ve owned our Litter Robot II since 2007.  Ten years and still going strong!  Here’s the thing, the Litter Robot 3 Open Air is **improved** in features and quality.  Plus you can extend the already long 18 month warranty to a full three years!

to the addition of a new feature, the globe light.  The Litter Robot 3 Open Air has an arch-shaped piece called the “bonnet” that goes over the top of the globe.  The LED light is mounted at the top of the bonnet.  When the globe is rotated upright, a hole aligns with the light and a soft blue color comes into the globe when the light is turned on.  The bonnet snaps in easily so once you get the hang of it, it’s not too difficult to take it off for cleaning.


Re-installing the globe is slightly different than Litter Robot 2.  There is a large black handle on the back, called a key.  The key must be rotated to slip into a slot in the base.  The key ensures the globe is installed correctly and provides additional globe stability.


The best improvements, in our opinion, are the enlarged globe, the larger entry opening and the way the opening tilts up.  The cat training period is much easier and faster and the angle of the opening is perfect for cats with long legs and bodies because they have a lot more headroom while squatting.


The electronics of Litter Robot 3 Open Air are improved as well.  New features include: drawer full indicator, programmable wait time (3, 7 or 15 minutes), sleep mode, child lock and automatic night light.

Litter Robot Open Air w/Light On

Illuminated Globe makes a great night light!

Waste Drawer Capacity


The waste drawer capacity is similar to the Litter Robot 2 - enough for multi-cat households and weekend trips for a household with up to three cats.  Use biodegradable Litter Robot drawer liners or any type of bag, such as a 25 lb kitchen garbage bag.  Even old plastic grocery bags will work!


Why we think Litter-Robot 3 Open Air is the Best Auto Cat Box Available


So what makes the Litter-Robot III Open Air so spectacular?  No special receptacles or bags, no

special litter are required.  It uses any brand of clumping cat litter.  Plus, it works by design and construction.  The Litter-Robot 3 Open Air not only has an amazing design, it has excellent construction.


Litter Robot 3 Open Air Design Review - How it works...


The design is that the globe rotates 360 degrees (all the way around).  There is a heavy duty plastic screen that separates the clumps from the litter. Once separated, the clumps fall through the trap door into the drawer below. 

The Litter Robot Open Air has an electronic weight sensor that measures the weight at the end of each cleaning cycle.  It uses the last weight recorded to determine that your cat has entered the globe.  It does not activate the countdown and cycle until just after your cat leaves the Litter Robot.  It also has a safety feature to stop rotating if your cat comes back.


Litter-Robot 3 Construction Review - Why Litter-Robot is an Appliance...


The construction is solid.  Quality plastic components snap together with extra support where needed.  The heavy duty screen is plastic and cannot corrode.  There is a thick, flexible rubber-like liner at the bottom of the sphere that pushes litter and waste toward the base opening while rotating.  The liner keeps the globe clean and odor free.  The large drawer glides smoothly for easy cleaning. 


Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Odor Review

The absence of odor is amazing!  This is accomplished three ways.  First, the overall design of the Litter Robot contains the odors in the drawer.  Then, there is a  soft breathable ring that seals the crack between the globe and the base. Lastly, and most significantly, there is a large carbon filter in the drawer that neutralizes the odor.


Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Cleaning Review


The globe and drawer contain no electronic components.  The bonnet snaps off easily and then the globe may be lifted off of the base.  The base and bonnet can be wiped with a damp cloth.  The globe and drawer can be hosed

Litter Robot Open Air vs Litter Robot 2


Litter Robot 2 is discontinued now, but since you may be thinking about upgrading to Open Air, let’s talk about the differences.  The biggest difference is the Open Air has a much larger globe with a larger opening that tilts upward.  This accommodates any size cat, even Maine Coons and very large or obese cats.


Another difference is Open Air is a little more difficult to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.  But this is due

Siamese catText Box: 18 Month Warranty
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down outdoors or washed in a bathtub or extra large laundry tub.  Never use a strong cleaner.  Dawn dish detergent is best.  Use a UV appliance to kill germs instead of vinegar or lemon juice.  Although these are natural, your cat may not like the scents they leave behind.


Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Power Consumption Review


Litter-Robot uses very little power, which is good for the environment.  The power consumption is 0.36W when the Litter-Robot is not running (light off) and only 2.7W when the Litter-Robot runs.  The LED light draws very little power as well and does not add much when it is turned on (0.05W or less).


Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Noise Review


What about noise?  Litter-Robot Open Air has better noise insulation than Litter Robot 2.  It is slightly quieter.  Compared to other appliances, it is a lot quieter than a typical dishwasher and only slightly louder than the typical refrigerator.  You get so used to it going off five or more times a day, you tune it out.  We have had reports from light sleepers who purchased the Litter Robot 2 that they had no issue waking up due to the noise.


Litter-Robot 3 Open Air/Litter-Maid Comparison


During our many demonstrations of the Litter-Robot, we’ve heard from former Litter-Maid owners who told us how unhappy they were.  They have confirmed how the rake gets clogged.  We have also been told the motor quit after a short time.  One person wanted to replace his Litter-Maid’s motor and found it was impossible.  He bought a Litter-Robot from us and is now very happy. 


AutoPets indicated on their web site that they intend to offer Litter Robot 2 parts until 2026, even though it is discontinued.  Litter Robot Open Air is manufactured in the USA making it much easier and faster to get parts vs. other brands that are made overseas.  We carry many Litter Robot 2 parts.


Litter-Robot 3 Warranty & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!!


The Litter-Robot III Open Air comes with an 18 month warranty.  And, you can order the bundle with the extended warranty for a full 3 years! The 90 Day Money Back Guarantee enables you to be sure your cat will go inside.


Is Litter-Robot 3 Worth It?


We understand purchasing the Litter Robot 3 Open Air is a large investment.  Given the reliability and flawless performance compared to rake-based automatic cat litter boxes, is the Litter-Robot II worth it?  YES! It is worth every penny.  Think of it as an appliance purchase rather than a gadget.


Purchasing your Litter-Robot now from Paradise Robotics means you will receive FREE unlimited support.  We are available to answer your “cat questions” and to help you after your purchase if any issues arise. We are a partner with the manufacturer and can make sure they are responsive if a warranty issue occurs.


Why wait?  Buy Litter-Robot III Open Air from us today!

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Carbon Filter


Power Jack View

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