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Call (847) 960-8520 to learn more!

Save time and money with our commercial robot products.


Robot Mower Benefits:

· Costs less than paying a service

· Frequent mowing allows for less fertilization, saving cost

· Frequent mowing is better for the grass, obeys 1/3 rule

· No clippings

· No fumes/pollution

· No gas/oil dead spots on the grass

· Extremely quiet, no more noise disrupting customers and business operations

· Less weeds

· Minimal maintenance required

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Ambrogio L400 Elite GPS Robot Mower Line 400Ambrogio Robotic Mower Underside Blade

Ambrogio L400

Ambrogio L400 Commercial Robot Mower Soccer Field Line 400

Line 400 Commercial Robot Mower  Perfect for Football & Soccer Fields!

L400 Underside/Blades

L400 Elite w/GPS!

NT60 Buried Wire Layer

For Invisible Dog/Pet Fences & Robotic Lawn Mower Perimeter Wire

*Ignore the contact info given in this video.  Paradise Robotics is now the distributor for the NT60 Wire Layer.  Order the machine and its parts from us!

· Self-propelled

· Cuts via a spinning drill bit

· Allows for shallow depth (as low as 1/2” deep); improves signal integrity!

· High Quality Honda Engine, including throttle & speed controls

· Tilting handle (patented); enables operator to easily navigate tree branches

· Two wires may be placed as close as 12 inches apart!

· Perfect for consumer rental businesses (DIY Pet Fence installation)

NT60 is the Most Maneuverable Wire Layer on the Market!

Easily maneuver the machine in tight spaces, tilt the handle under trees!

Call (847) 960-8520 to learn more!

NT60 Wire Layer

Watch this video to see NT60 in action!