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Robotic Lawn Mower Overview


Robot lawn mowers are not the gadgets you might think they are.  The robot lawn mowers on the market today are serious mowing machines.  Not only do they do a great job mowing, they keep your lawn mowed.


Do you care about the environment?  If you care in the slightest, you are already using a mulching lawn mower vs. bagging your grass clippings.  However, since you don’t have much time to mow, the length of your grass overwhelms your mower.  Long clippings and large clumps remain on your grass.  They turn brown and kill the grass underneath.  Is it possible to be environmental yet still have a great looking lawn?


The answer is yes.  Electric robotic lawn mowers are the answer.  Since they run on batteries, there is no gas, oil or pollution.  All-electric, robot lawn mowers reduce global warming.  Are you aware traditional lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers pollute 10 times more than cars?


Robotic lawn mowers maintain a consistent grass height by mowing more often.  They obey the 1/3 rule of grass cutting.  That is, only one third of the height of your grass should be cut at each mowing.  This is the healthiest way to mow your lawn.  Experts also agree that the random mowing pattern used by robotic lawn mowers is the best pattern for keeping grass healthy and avoiding permanent lawn mower tracks.


Many electric robot lawn mowers are self-recharging.  That is, they recharge themselves in a charging station that stays outside.  This enables the robot to mow as often as it needs to in order to keep the lawn mowed.  The batteries last anywhere from 3-7 hours, depending on the model chosen.  The recharge time is 2-3 hours.  This is plenty of time for the robotic lawn mower to mow the lawn in a random fashion and get all of the missed spots on its own.


Electric robot lawn mowers can mow by themselves with no intervention from you, or you may prefer to be present while the robot mows the lawn.  Robot lawn mowers can be set-up to mow one section at a time.  In this configuration, you set the robot lawn mower down, click a few buttons and off he goes to mow the designated section.  Then you can move him to the next section for more mowing and so on.  Choosing this method enables one to purchase a less expensive robot for a larger yard, saving money.


Now that you are intrigued, you will want to understand more about how a robot lawn mower works.  As mentioned above, some models have  a charging station that sits outside.  The robot has a control panel in which you can set the days and times the robot can come out to mow.  There is a wire that goes all the way around the edges of the property and around any flower beds or troublesome tree roots.  The wire can be staked down (recommended) or buried up to four inches.  The robot comes out when scheduled and goes back to the charging station whenever it needs to recharge or if it is scheduled to go back.  Many robot lawn mowers include a rain sensor that will send the robot back to the charging station during a rain storm.


There are too many benefits of robotic lawn mowers to describe them in a short description.  If you would like to learn more, call or email

Call Now for Free Yard Consultation!     (847) 960-8520


You are eligible to receive our expert opinion on what is the best robotic lawn mower brand and model for your yard, absolutely free.  Call now or fill out the form at this link and we will respond immediately. 


Order with us and get  our exclusive Professional Installation Guide absolutely free with your shipment!  Our professional installers use this guide in the field during our own professional installations.   The guide contains a large number of example yard drawings and detailed instructions.


You may also purchase a full custom, professionally-drawn wire layout that clearly shows how the wire should be routed. 


Avoid installation troubles by ordering with us today!

Why Buy from Us?


We are your best source to purchase a robotic lawn mower, and here’s why:


1) We are more concerned about you than about making a sale.  We want you to be happy.  We do our best to serve your needs.

2) We work with you to help you decide which brand and which model to purchase.  We tell you what we like about one brand vs. another brand to help you make the best decision.  We don’t push a particular brand or model because we have more of them in stock.

3) We do installations ourselves, so we are experts at robotic lawn mower configurations, challenging yards, dual mower configurations, etc.  We know many tricks to ensure not only that you will have a successful installation, but that your installation will last many years.  We provide a free wiring diagram and our free exclusive Professional Installation Guide with every order.

4) We are a full service Robotic Lawn Mower dealer.  We are an authorized repair center.  You can count on our service for the life of your mower.

Call Now!     (847) 960-8520


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help you with your purchase.  Call now for your Free Yard Consultation.   Prefer to communicate electronically?  Fill out our questionnaire and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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