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This overview gives you an idea about how to install the LawnBott.  It is not meant to be a substitution for the manufacturer’s instructions.  Please consult the user manual that comes with your LawnBott for exact details.  Purchase our Professional Installation Guide if you want to learn the best ways to install your LawnBott.  It’s free when you purchase your robot from us!


Step 1: Survey your property

First, go around your lawn and look for any holes or large bumps that may be a problem for LawnBottLawnBott will treat large bumps and exposed tree roots as obstructions.  Holes larger than the size of LawnBott’s tires should be filled and seeded.  Next, check the terrain for hills.  Use this hill measurement method to measure the slope of hills.  You may find it necessary to purchase the spiked or hooked wheels to improve hill performance. 


Step 2: Decide where to put the docking station

The manufacturer states this is the most important decision to make.  You will want to select an area that is clear and open in front of the dock and on a flat surface, away from water drainage.  LawnBott mows up to three separate zones.  Ideally, you will place the dock in the largest zone to be mowed (the main mowing area, usually the back yard).


Step 3: Decide which items in your yard need to be avoided by the mower

The LawnBott avoids stationary objects by bumping into them and changing direction.  It avoids all other areas by sensing the perimeter wire.  Tree trunks, a fence, a retaining wall, etc. can be treated as stationary objects.  Areas such as planting areas, an in-ground pool, hills that are too steep, evergreen trees, or trees with mulch at the base need to be avoided using the perimeter wire.  Use the perimeter wire for anything LawnBott cannot detect on its own that you want it to avoid.


Step 4: Place the perimeter wire

Now that you have decided the route of the perimeter wire, place it following the manufacturer’s instructions using the drawing below as a guideline.  Make sure you follow the instructions in the manual and our installation guide carefully.

Installation Overview

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Use the installation wire and pegs that came with your LawnBott.  Purchase additional wire and pegs if your yard requires more than 500 feet of perimeter wire.  A rubber mallet and a long nail will be helpful for pounding the pegs in  Use the long nail when the ground is dry to create a hole.


Step 4: Charge the LawnBott

Place the LawnBott in its docking station and charge it overnight and check that the menu says charging is complete.


Step 5: Set-up your LawnBott

The instructions for this step vary, depending upon which model you have purchased.  Follow the LawnBott Installation Guide carefully and program your LawnBott with the easy-to-use menus.  Set the days of the week you would like your LawnBott to come out and the time period for each day.  If you have multiple zones, set the number of cycles to mow each zone and the time to drive to the secondary areas.  (Note: a cycle is one mowing session from start to recharge.)


Step 6: Test the installation and programming

The first time you use your LawnBott, you may find that you would like to make some changes in the installation.  For example, you may have placed the wire a little too close to a flower bed.  You will simply remove the pegs for that section and reinstall the wire a little farther away.  Run your LawnBott for one week or more.  If parts of your lawn are not mowed, adjust the programming to give LawnBott more work time, change the zones or purchase one or more extra batteries** to increase the mowing time.  When set-up properly, LawnBott keeps your lawn mowed and looking great.


**Contact us prior to purchasing extra batteries so we can help you determine how many are required.  This is model-dependent.


Step 7: Enjoy!

You may now freely enjoy your weekends without having to worry about mowing the lawn!  Enjoy the “always mowed” look that keeps your neighbors wondering how you do it!

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