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OWI Robotikits

Perfect for Age 10 and up, or younger if gifted or adept at building things.  These very low cost and super easy-to-assemble kits are perfect for teachers and home schoolers who want to bring a new dimension to the curriculum without having to take a lot of time to learn robotics themselves.

Frightened GrasshopperBinary Player RobotSamurai ScorpionRobotic Arm Edge

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Robot Parts & Electronics

Great for classrooms, robot teams, science projects, self teaching, gifted students, home schooling, extra educational stimulation, etc.

Thank you for your interest in our products.  We accept most school purchase orders.  We will complete any necessary paperwork to become a vendor for your school.  Tell us your budget, let us know your needs.

We will put together a quotation that stretches your STEM dollars!

Arduino Logo

Robot Parts and Electronics

Fischer Technik

Authorized Arduino Distributor

We **only** sell genuine Arduino Microcontrollers and Accessories.    

Bottom-up STEM: Teach Robotic & E-Textile Building Blocks

Teach robots from the bottom up with our robotic and electronic components.


Motors, E-Textiles & More

Electronics, Soldering & Test Equipment

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We are an Authorized/Official Retailer/Dealer/Distributor for the following manufacturers:

Sparkfun Electronics

Why do we make the point to tell you about our business relationships with manufacturers?

Beware of Counterfeits!  Always have your guard up and read this article:

Adafruit Industries Logo

Adafruit Industries

Arduino Logo


Open Source Platform

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If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock, most likely we can get it for you...

Fischer Technik is a very easy-to-use and wonderfully robust building and learning platform.  Teach mechanics, physics, electronics and robotics with Fischer Technik kits.  The RoboTX Training Lab has a nice GUI for real-time debugging over Bluetooth.

Elenco Snap Circuits

Introduce young children to the wonders of electricity!  Circuits are a building block for robots, essential for every child interested in robotics.  (wires, switches, sensors, magnets, passive components & controller) Ages 8 and up.

Snap circuits Jr in boxEducational Snap Circuits

We Carry the Entire Snap Circuits Catalog!

Educational Snap Circuits

Retail Versions...

Educational Versions...

Educational Snap CircuitsSnap Circuits SC-300

Teacher/Student Guides...

Sparkle Labs

Fun graphics and easy-to-understand instructions draw children in for an engaging experience learning electronics.  Teach basic electronics to Grades 6 and up.

Discover Electronics KitDiscover Electronics Kit LEDSparkle Labs Papertronics


Discover Electronics Kit

Snap Circuits Teacher GuideSnap Circuits LightSnap Circuits Student GuideSnap Circuits Green GuideTest EquipmentScopes Function Generators Logic AnalzyzersDiode KitElectronic ComponentsLevers KitGears KitPulleys KitLED KitIntegrated Circuit IC Sensor


Single Components & Assortments

Diode Kit

Sensors, ICs, FETs, Cables

& much more!

PushbuttonMuscle Wire

Muscle Wire

Nano Muscle

Nano Muscle



Arduino Lilypad

Arduino LilyPad

Mecanum Wheels

Mecanum Wheels

Conductive Fabric

Conductive Fabric

Fischer Technik Robo TX Trail SearcherFischer Technik RoboTX ElevatorFischer Technik RoboTX ForkliftFischer Technik Dynamic

RoboTX Training Lab


12 Projects


3D Robot Fischer Technik Automation

Automation & PLC Control

Engino Construction Set


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What is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, home schoolers, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Arduino ADK Rev3Arduino Mega2560 Rev3

Arduino ADK  Rev3

Arduino Mega2560 Rev 3

Why teach Arduino? Arduino is a low cost electronic controller that enables students to creatively learn and explore the use of electronics in anything. Arduino is so easy to use, it can be applied in grades 9-12 and in the University setting.  Many books and resources are available.  Create excitement in the classroom with Arduino!

Open Software 2nd EditionArduino  - Getting started with Arduino, 2nd EditionArduino - Making things talk, 2nd Edition

Arduino and STEM Controllers are everywhere now.  Just about anything electronic and anything that moves has a controller in it.  Arduino’s popularity is so widespread, it is the logical choice for students to learn electro-mechanical control.  Learning Arduino encourages students to think creatively and to continue in an engineering field.

Tinker Kits - Tinker with Arduino without Soldering!

TinkerKit - Base KitTinkerKit - Pro Kit

Tinker Kit - Basic Kit

Model: K000001

Tinker Kit - Pro Kit

Model: K000003

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