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Why buy the Ambrogio Robotic Lawn Mower?

Automatic robot mowers do the work themselves.  They navigate on their own and keep lawns mowed to a consistent height, such as 3 inches - always.

Although most Ambrogio robot models do not yet mow in grid pattern, robot lawn mowers are light-weight, preventing permanent tracks from forming.  No lines at all & perfectly manicured always looks better than straight lines!  Robot mowers are the best way to keep your lawn mowed - always.


How do they work?lawnbott yard drawing with pool

The vast majority of Ambrogio robot mowers use a thin low voltage wire, similar to an invisible dog fence, to identify the grassy areas.  The Ambrogio robot mows within the wire continuously, or as much as needed, to keep the lawn mowed to a pre-set height every day. The Ambrogio robot mower is the only brand with robot models that do not require a perimeter wire, the L60 for very small grassy areas or city lots (2150 square feet) and the L400 Elite (coming to the USA in the future!)

What powers the robot?

All Ambrogio robot mowers use rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries.  The robot recharges itself automatically by driving back to its charging station located in the lawn, or conveniently tucked under a deck at the edge of the grass.

What happens to the clippings?

One of the best things about Ambrogio robot mowers is that because they mow frequently, there is only a small amount of growth to be mowed at a time.  The clippings are so small, they are invisible.  Lawnbott lb85el mowing grassThey simply fall into the grass and decay naturally, providing additional fertilization for your lawn.  We  recommend using less fertilizer since  too much fertilizer can create a thatch problem. 

Ambrogio robot mowers are the solution to thatch-prone grass.  Frequent mowing generates small clippings, giving you free fertilizer so less added fertilizer is required! 


Are Ambrogio Robotic Mowers Safe?

We are really glad you asked this question.  Ambrogio Robot is the only brand examined and accepted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (under its former brand name, LawnBott®).  It also meets a very stringent European robotic lawn mower safety standard. 

Ambrogio robot mowers are far safer than traditional lawn mowers.  There are over 80,000 lawn mower accidents each year.  Many involve dismembered toes or fingers and sadly, many children are hurt. However, robot mowers are safer because a human is not near the blade.  Also, the blade turns off automatically if the robot is lifted.

Why buy  the Ambrogio Robot Mower instead of just paying the neighbor's kid to mow?

First off, how reliable is that kid anyway?  Are you sure you can count on him week in and week out? Your robot mower is always doing his job. He doesn't have a girlfriend to worry about or any vacation plans. The times the kid cannot show up, either you have to mow it yourself or the grass gets so long you end up with clumps instead of clippings.  Then your kids or your dog tracks the clippings into the house creating an additional mess to clean up.

Plus the lawn will be mowed always, vs. growing long and then having clippings everywhere. Frequent cutting enables the grass roots to reach deeper for water, thus your lawn becomes healthier and more drought tolerant over time, too. There is no better way to mow than with Ambrogio Robot!

You'll never go back!

Ambrogio Robot mower owners are so happy they cannot imaging mowing the traditional way.  Once you dive-in, you'll never go back! You will give your robot a name and it will become part of your family.  How about giving us a call right now to learn more?

We also provide service and parts for  LawnBott Logo Small 

Visit product pages to read reviews from current Ambrogio Robot and LawnBott® owners.

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