Why Ambrogio Robot Mower?

Why Ambrogio Robot Mower?

Ambrogio is the world's premier robot mower, delivering the best in style, highest quality and most prestige of all robot mowers on the market. Similar in the "luxury feel" of other famous Italian brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Gucci or Prada, Ambrogio is unique in that its cost is not out of reach for consumers who desire the best of everything they purchase.

Ambrogio L250 EliteAmbrogio 4.0 Elite on GrassAmbrogio L350i on grass

Other saavy consumers choose Ambrogio for its looks, its durable/very wide rubber wheels and its reusable American-style blade*, knowing Ambrogio is more cost-effective in the long term. Lawn maintenance companies are starting to take notice. Ambrogio will come to a landscaper near you.

Ambrogio robot L350i 35cm blade, reversible can be sharpened

Launched in the US in 2006, ZCS' most successful early robot was the Ambrogio robot mower Evolution (also known as the LawnBott® Evolution), garnering many owners and fans world-wide. Quite a few of these early robots are still in operation today, because Zucchetti has not only proven their prowess as the top robot mower designer for style and software, they also win top marks for durability. Durability starts with design, but it ends with parts availability. Fifteen years after the launch of Ambrogio Evolution, it is still possible to purchase many of its critical parts.

Now Zucchetti has done it again with the launch of the 4.0 NEXT Line. The 4.0 platform is unsurpassed in durability - made from heat resistant extra strong plastic with most screws being the more dependable Torx style. Ambrogio has innovative features visible from the outside, including its very wide tires made from car tire rubber, a deck that tilts and an inductive charging module (Elite Extra Premium model).

It has many internal innovations that cannot be seen, too, including the "Connect" module, that is used for remote communication, i.e. receiving notifications, sending commands, protecting against theft via GPS, cloud data storage for the Satellite Dynamic Memory mowing algorithm, the ability to navigate back to the base using GPS and more.

Ambrogio 4.0 NEXT Basic Robot MowerAmbrogio 4.0 NEXT Elite Extra Premium Robot Mower in Base Docking Station

Ambrogio robot mowers are sold worldwide through importer partners and their dealer networks. A dealer in the UK created several videos highlighting the brilliance that is evident in the 4.0 NEXT Line, compared to the Husqvarna 430x. Watch the video here:

Ambrogio 4.0 Elite vs Husqvarna 450x

Other unique features:

  • Ambrogio is the only robot mower brand that takes care of pets. Ambrogio owners may purchase the Amico pet accessory for Amico-equipped models
  • Ambrogio is the only robot mower brand that allows multiple robots to work together for optimal performance (Infinity System)
  • Ambrogio is the only robot mower offering self-leveling: NEXT Line, including Twenty, 4.0 Elite, 4.0 Basic, 4.36, L250 and L250i robots.
  • Ambrogio has a better chance of working together with your invisible pet fence, and our dealers are the best at finding work-arounds

Ambrogio Amico Pet Accessory Retail Box

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is internationally recognized for innovation, winning numerous awards. Most noteable are:

  • Ambrogio: The Gold Medal award, Gardenia Fair 2018 for most innovative and functional solution
  • Prize of Prizes for Innovation, established by the Prime Minister's cabinet of Italy, 2010 & 2014

The recognizable Ambrogio logos, the "A" and the official Ambrogio logo, are the two symbols that represent prestige, high quality and that the purchaser has made a good choice. #ChooseAmbrogio is the Instagram hashtag that leads to stunning Ambrogio robot photos and information.

Ambrogio A logoAmbrogio Robot Logo

Over 300,000 Ambrogio robot mowers have been sold to-date worldwide. Why wait? Join the many satisfied owners and purchase yours today. Learn more at the Ambrogio robot lawn mower site. Visit our store to browse Ambrogio robot mower models we carry now.

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We also support DIY customers. The best way to start is to purchase the Ambrogio Robot Professional Installation Guide on Amazon or on our site here to learn how to correctly install Ambrogio.

Ambrogio Robot Installation Guide Cover

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*American-style "star" blade is standard on most models and optional for certain models. It can easily be sharpened with a Dremel tool equipped with a sanding bit.